Community Preservation Act (CPA) Grants

*Applications for a CPA 2022 grant are closed*

The 2023 applications will be available in February 2023. See sample 2022 application packet below. 

2022 Application 

2022 Application Cover Sheet 

What projects qualify for a CPA grant?

CPA funds can be used for Open Space & Recreation, Historic Preservation, and Community Housing. The Department of Revenue (DOR) Community Preservation Fund Allowable Spending Chart is a handy quick reference to see if your project qualifies. The Community Preservation Coalition is a statewide resource and offers a detailed look at allowable uses. The following CPA projects were funded in Springfield:

2022 CPC Funded Projects 

2021 CPC Funded Projects

2020 CPC Funded Projects

2019 CPC Funded Projects

2018 CPC Funded Projects


Historic Home Restoration Grants to Homeowners

The Historic Home Restoration program (HHRP) is open to homeowners in the following Local Historic Districts:  Quadrangle-Mattoon, Forest Park Heights, McKnight, Maple Hill, Lower Maple, Ridgewood and Colony Hills. ELIGIBILITY. House is owner-occupied with the applicant living in the house for at least one year prior to applying and the house was built before 1940.

Funding is targeted for exterior projects only and limited to the restoration of original windows and doors, purchase and installation of energy efficient storm windows, restoration of porches, and exterior of the property. The program has limited funds and while this may change in the future, a sliding scale for eligibility will be used this year.  If more applications are received than available funds, a lottery system will be used. Maximum $30,000 grant. If your preliminary application is selected, you will be invited to complete a full application.

The HHRP is supported by the Community Preservation Act (CPA) and the City of Springfield. All funding for this program has been allocated by the Springfield Community Preservation Committee (SCPC) and approved by the Springfield City Council.

A new lottery will be held in the near future. 

The Preliminary Application is open and we encourage you to apply if you think you are eligible. You only need to complete one application. If you submitted an application earlier in the year and were not selected in the July 2022 lottery, your application will be re-entered into the upcoming lottery along with any new applications received by the deadline (not yet announced). Note: the guidelines will be updated at that time. 

Online Preliminary Application

Print and Mail Preliminary Application

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What is the Community Preservation Act (CPA)?

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) was created by state law (MGL Chapter 44B). It allows cities and towns to adopt a property tax surcharge to help fund projects that preserve the character of the community. Springfield voters adopted the CPA on November 8, 2016 and it went into effect on July 1, 2017. In Springfield, the CPA fund is created via a 1.5% surcharge on real estate taxes for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. 

Who are the members of the Springfield Community Preservation Committee?

Implementation and recommending projects to the City Council for funding of the CPA in Springfield is overseen by the City's 9-member Community Preservation Committee (CPC). Representatives are appointed from each of the departments below and three neighborhood appointees by the City Council President.

  • LaMar Cook, Neighborhood representative;
  • Gloria DeFillipo, Planning Board representative;
  • Juanita Martinez, Conservation Commission representative;
  • Robert McCarroll, Chair, Springfield Preservation Trust representative;
  • Rhonda Sherrell, Neighborhood representative;
  • Judith Crowell, Historical Commission representative;
  • Willie Thomas, Housing Authority representative;
  • Clinton Harris, Park Commission representative
  • Ralph Slate, Neighborhood representative

Two Neighborhood Representative vacancies will be available in April 2023. The City Council President will contact neighborhood councils/associations and request names of candidates who are interested in serving as a member of the Community Preservation Committee. Notices will be sent to groups early next year and responses are expected back within 30 days.The President will then select two names submitted within the time period. CPC members serve a three year term and are eligible for two consecutive three-year terms.

How to contact the Community Preservation Committee (CPC)


  • Are there homeowner exemptions to the 1.5% surcharge?

YES! Households that qualify for low-income, or low or moderate-income housing, as defined by M.G.L. c. 44B, Section 2 are exempt from the CPA surcharge in its entirety.  Next deadline for exemptions is 4/1/23

Community Preservation Act Exemption application.  

Review income limits for a CPA surcharge exemption

  • Where can I find information about my historic home?

The Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System (MACRIS) database (inventory) has surveyed properties compiled by the Massachusetts Historic Commission (MHC)

You can search local historic properties through the 1939 Works Progress Administration (WPA)

  • Are there guidelines for restoring or repairing a historic home?

YES! The Secretary of the Interior's Standards has an extensive website for treatment of historic properties

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