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City of Springfield Supports 2021 STCC Sustainathon

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno thanks David Bloniarz for helping to organize a student day of environmental awareness. STCC students will participate in a virtual event by sharing research from their STEM learning classes on environmental issues in the City of Springfield. They will be participating in the 2021 STCC Sustainathon, a virtual conference where students can showcase their research studies.

The objective of the Sustainathon is to bring STCC students, local high school students, industry stakeholders, scientists, and community together to create awareness of current sustainability challenges and the importance of STEM innovative solutions for enhancing economic livelihood, workforce development, and quality of life of communities in Western Massachusetts.

David Bloniarz presented Mayor Sarno with a Sustainathon 2021 Champion of Change Award to thank him and his administration for the continued support of green initiatives and STEM innovations in the City of Springfield.   

Mayor Sarno stated, “I want to thank our own ‘Johnny Appleseed’ Dave Bloniarz for his continued support and efforts for enhancing the natural welling being of our community and advocating for environmental education for our residents and students, especially with our STEM classes.  Executive Director of Parks, Buildings, and Recreational Management Patrick Sullivan and I cannot stress enough the importance of promoting good green initiatives in our neighborhoods that not only improves everyone’s quality of life but enhances economic and workforce development too.”   

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